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One of our patients was so pleased with his experience with Dr. Pulley that he wrote the following poem:

 Upgrade Your Quality of Life
 It was a phenomenal four month experience
 Dr. Janine Pulley's guidance was priceless
 They are vital to better health
 Trust me on this
 Look at the pictures dated, November 4th, 2014, (1st pictures taken)
 My back feels like a twisted pretzel. Trust me
 My shoulders protrude forward
 My tummy is big, too big.
 It's time to incorporate Dr. Pulley's syllabus
 Fast forward to pictures dated, January 6th, 2015, (2nd installment)
 See the gradual improvement
 The pictures don't lie
 I look better, feel better
 My tummy is smaller
 No time to celebrate just yet
 Follow Dr. Janine's "Eliminate Dampness" sheet
 Small adjustments = Positive results
 Here's the proof
 Pictures dated, March 3rd, 2015
 My tummy is disintegrating
 My posture so much improved
 Dr. Pulley has changed my way of life
 My way of thinking
 Look at that hideous looking T-Shirt four months prior
 Now I look presentable
 Like I said, 'What a phenomenal experience."

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