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What to Expect During Your Chiropractic Treatment

For all chiropractic visits:

You will have to remove your shoes as well as any jewelery, watches, and belts prior to treatment. A shoe rack is available in the waiting room for your shoes, and any smaller items can put placed into small baskets available at the front desk and carried with you to the treatment room.

1.  Initial Visit

The initial visit usually 60 minutes. It includes a detailed history and exam to determine what is going on and how Dr. Pulley can help you. If chiropractic care is indicated and you consent to care, you will be adjusted.

Please arrive 15 minutes early to fill out the initial paperwork and bring a complete list of your current medications or download it beforehand to bring in with you.

New patients may need to obtain x-rays of their spine to rule out problems that can only been seen on x-ray that contraindicate chiropractic care. These x-rays may be taken at one of the nearby radiographic facilities, and on average cost $40. If you already have x-rays or other imaging of your spine, please bring a copy for the office to keep on your first visit.

2.  Second Visit

The second visit usually takes 20 minutes. The doctor will give you a report of findings, including going over x-rays, if taken, and the course of care. She will answer any questions you have and then treat you.

3.  Follow-up Visits

Subsequent visits are usually 10 minutes long and run on time. If you have a new injury or condition occur, please call the office ahead of time to schedule a longer visit.

4.  Re-exams

Re-examination will happen roughly every 10-12 visits to document your progress to determine how you are responding to care. They are usually 30 minutes long and include a brief history and follow-up exam followed by treatment.


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