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Written Testimonials

"I had surgery last year for a L5 S1 disc herniation which successfully eliminated the terrible sciatic pain I had been experiencing in my lower back. Since that time however I have been dealing with a common and closely related ailment called piriformis syndrome, where the piriformis muscle in the buttock spasms triggering sciatic nerve pain. I tried physical therapy including strengthening and stretching exercises, pain medication, muscle relaxers, and massage therapy but nothing helped. After being advised by my neurosurgeon to try acupuncture I found Dr. Pulley, and the positive results were almost immediate. Following my first visit my pain reduced substantially, and after three visits the pain was effectively gone. All the while I found Dr. Pulley to be knowledgeable, articulate, passionate about her work, and genuinely interested in helping me to feel better. My experience with the process could not have been better, and I highly encourage anyone considering acupuncture to talk to Dr. Pulley ... you will not be disappointed!"

Sean Downey, August 2015

"Very knowledgeable, fair rates and friendly. What else you want?"

Hanson Webb, May 2015

"Two deep tissue massages didn't minimize the golf ball size knot in my back.

Enter Dr. Janine Pulley. Her first name, in my opinion, would indicate a comparison to that of "I Dream of Jeannie" star Barbara Eden.

Case in Point: Two chiropractic sessions with Dr. Pulley has minimized that golf ball to a mere marble. That fact personifies the meaning of what a chiropractic doctor needs to accomplish.

In addition to great chiropractic knowledge, Janine has a warm soul."

Peter Takesian, November 2014

"Dr. Janine has helped me correct a short term problem in a way that will help me improve my overall health. Having gotten a warning from my PCP about my prediabetic condition, I began to walk every day to lose some weight. Unfortunately, I developed a lower back muscle spasm that caused me to have to stop. Dr. Janine not only helped that immediate problem but referred me to her massage therapy partner Carmen Johnson to speed recovery. Moreover she helped me diagnose the probable immediate cause- my favorite easy chair. Now I feel like I'm in control and on track."

Max Ward, October 2014

"I had persistent nausea for well over a year. I tried everything traditional medicine had to offer and tried many nontraditional remedies, as well. It wasn't until I started acupuncture with Dr. Janine that I began to see results.

She educated me on many issues with my body that no one had told me before. She is incredibly knowledgeable regarding Chinese medicine, nutrition and overall health. I have a better understanding of how my body works and how to keep it functioning properly.

The nausea is now gone. I am so gratefulL She is very compassionate, caring and dedicated to her profession.

Dr. Janine gave a wonderful presentation yesterday in North Andover regarding sitting, standing and sleeping. The human body is an amazing thing. She was able to demonstrate immediately how very simple changes in our lives ensure proper posture and the alleviation of pain.

Can't say enough about Dr. Janine. I would give her a sixth star if I could."

Jay Rudolph, October 2014

"Dr Janine Pulley is a huge asset to my life. I have been dealing with a nasty hip for a few months and walked out of Pulley Chiropractic without pain the other day. Dr Pulley has a very special way of focussing on your health issue in a way that is remarkable in its depth of knowledge and fresh in its approach. Thanks."

Mike Valvo, October 2014

"Have to admit her chiropractic protocol (ABC) beats anything that I've have done to date!

I was seeing a chiro I really liked, closer to home, but stopped getting better. Not even relieving the pain (knee surgery, sciatica, herniated disc(s), and I was barely able to walk. I was totally frustrated and looking at a knee replacement! My DO/PCP said "no - last resort" so I finally decided to try her.

After 3 months, twice a week, I'm able to walk, stand, and sit longer BUT there is a catch - you have to follow the "rules" which she is better at describing then me.

My PCP is amazed at my progress, as am I, and in full disclosure... I am her mother - but I didn't really "believe" in the protocol she chose as it was so different from what I was use to w/a chiropractor (been going for years).  I was wrong.

If you are looking at surgery, etc., for back, knee, neck, etc. pain... please try her as some things are not "reversible" especially surgery."

Joan P., July 2014 (Dr. Pulley's mother)

“When I first met Dr. Janine I was in bad shape. I was suffering from sudden and severe joint pain and was confused and lost. I was new to the world of acupuncture and chiropractic, and it was a last ditch effort for me to control the pain. I was nervous that my experience at the clinic with Janine would be similar to my other doctor appointments that I was used to, I figured they would look at the biggest symptom and brush me off. Boy was I wrong. Dr. Janine asked me pertinent questions and took the time with me to understand what I was going through. Her demeanor was professional, genuine, and caring and I couldn’t have felt more comfortable. Over my course of about 8 weeks with her, she helped take my pain from 8’s and 9’s to very manageable 2’s and 3’s. She was incredible, very precise and efficient with her time and treatment plans. When you are in a position like I was there are seemingly endless questions, and she took the time to entertain all of them – no matter how ridiculous – in a professional way that I could understand. She has a very special way of explaining complex situations in a way that you can easily understand without a medical background. She is a great mentor for developing yourself and offered me a wide variety of tips and tricks to improve my everyday life. Despite the circumstances, my time with Janine was a joyous and wonderful experience that I still cherish to this day. If every health care professional was as supportive and knowledgeable as Dr. Janine, the world would be much, much better off.”

M. P., March 2014

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