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Photo Testimonials: Before & After ABCTM



EndoNasal Cranial Correction can also make important changes in your posture after you have been treated using the ABCTM protocol. Note the changes to their faces after just one or two EndoNasal adjustments! 

Look for changes in their overall face shape and color, contour of their face, size and shape of their foreheads, noses, eyes, lips, and chins. All of them reported feeling more awake with improved breathing ability after treatment - and they all asked "am I done?" because they did not feel any pain with the adjustment.


After just one treatment with Advanced BioStructural CorrectionTM, you can notice immediate changes to your posture and function (such as breathing more easily/deeply).

The people in these pictures were given the same instructions before and after: "breathe in, breathe out, let your body slump." Nothing changed between the photos except having the ABCTM protocol done - their bodies are now staying upright all by themselves without any muscular effort.

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Want to see more? Visit the ABCTM Miracles website!

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