7-Star Needling

What is it?

7 Star Needling, also known as Plum Blossom Needling, is an acupuncture technique that uses an instrument with a flexible handle attached to a plastic head that has 7 small needles (or 5 in Plum Blossom Needling) arranged in circular pattern rather than an individual needle. The acupuncturist uses the instrument to gently tap an area until the site becomes red or elicits mild bleeding.

This technique helps to invigorate and smooth the qi, and to move or disperse qi stagnation and blood stasis, making it especially effective for treating painful areas, trauma, and the early stage of cold symptoms. Bleeding techniques such as 7 Star Needling can also be used to drain heat from the body or anchor the yang, such as in the case of a high fever or dizziness.

After receiving a treatment with 7 Star Needling, it is best to keep the area covered to protect it from damp and windy weather because this technique opens up the channels and can expose you to catching a cold.

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