Facial Rejuvenation

What is it?


Facial Rejuvenation is the practice of different techniques to promote facial health and address signs of aging. It typically includes Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture, also known as cosmetic acupuncture, has been practiced for centuries. It is based on the same principles as traditionally known acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine theory.

Facial acupuncture is a safe, gentle, effective way to combat the signs of aging and erase years from your face without the risk of surgery or injections. It is also a great alternative to other treatments that can potentially damage your skin, such as laser treatments, dermabrasion, and chemical peels.

In addition to facial acupuncture, facial cupping and facial gua sha can be effective, gentle, safe ways to enhance your treatments (or can be used alone if you are unable to be needled).

Chronic inflammation, skin injury (such as sun damage), disease, and free radicals can all cause damage to skin fibers (collagen and elastin) on top of the reduced ability of our body to correct this damage as we age. Acupuncture revitalizes your skin by promoting its qi (energy) flow and blood circulation. This allows the skin to heal itself by naturally promoting elastin and collagen production, which reduces with age. Microneedle derma rollers have also been shown to promote collagen and elastin production in your skin.

Proper nourishment of your skin from both inside and outside is critical too (acupuncture does both!).

You are what you eat, so it is important to provide the building blocks of nutrition necessary to repair your skin (and stop consuming things that damage your skin). For example, every cell in your body has a layer of fat around it, which is called a cell wall. If you do not consume enough good fats, your cell walls will dry out – just like your skin. So supplementation with omega-3 fatty acids may be helpful for you if you do not consume enough regularly in the form of fish, etc.

Ensuring you apply high quality skin care products is also imperative. For example, many inexpensive (and sometimes even expensive) moisturizes contain parabens. Parabens are a cheap preservative put into many personal care products, but they are linked skin irritation and cancer. Not what you want in what you put on your face! (And in your shampoo, condition, deodorant, toothpaste, body lotion, make-up, and even your groceries…)

Dr. Pulley will give you personalized recommendations for nutrition and topicals to augment your Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture so that you get better results, they last longer, and you feel better overall!

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