How Bodies Work

By Dr. Janine Pulley

To understand how Advanced BioStructural CorrectionTM works, first we must understand the axioms of bodies and how they can be corrected. These axioms are self-evident by observation or by definition.

First, the body is not totally self-correcting thing, but it can self-correct many of its mechanical and other pathologies. We know this to be true because if a body could self-correct everything, it would never die. We also know that the body can self-correct some things, like healing paper cuts and broken bones.

Second, health of a body is defined as a body working optimally on a mechanical basis. Even chemistry boils down to mechanics if you look at the shapes of molecules and atoms fitting together (think of chirality, for example).

Third, to keep bodies healthy or get bodies healthy, things that the body cannot self-correct must be corrected by some outside agency. Going back to the broken bones example: the body can knit the bones back together, but some types of breaks cannot be fixed by the body alone – you need someone (outside agency) to set the bones back into their proper alignment before the body can do the rest.

Fourth – what can the body not self-correct? “On the grossest scale, what the body cannot self-correct are bones out of optimal mechanical position in a direction the body has no muscle or combination of muscles that can pull in the direction needed to retrieve and replace the bone into its position of optimal mechanical advantage for the body.” (Dr. Jesse Jutkowitz, ABCTM Instruction Manual) In other words, the body cannot self-correct bones that have gone out of place in a direction that the body has no muscle of combination of muscles to pull back into place.

Finally, doctors should only correct things that the body cannot self-correction – because the body will self-correct the rest.

Now you know how bodies work! If you have further questions, please contact Dr. Janine via email or by phone at 978-237-5106. 

Information adapted from Dr. Jesse’s Jutkowitz’s ABCTM Instruction Manual I