How Endonasal Cranial Correction Works

By Dr. Janine Pulley

EndoNasal Cranial Correction by ABCTM follows the same principles behind how bodies work and how ABCTM works.

Like the bones of the spine, cranial bones can also move out of place in a direction that the body cannot self-correct because there are no muscles or combination of muscles pulling in the direction needed to move them into their mechanically optimal place. The bones of the skull are not completely hard, unmoving things – they are certainly hard in order to resist trauma – but they also have some give and the sutures are not completely fused, allowing the bones to “breathe.” Because the cranial bones do have some ability to move (even though it is not a lot compared to the spine), they have the ability to move out of place in a direction the body cannot self-correct.

And like in the ABCTM protocol, the ABCTM practitioner will only correct those cranial bones that the body cannot self-correct that day. EndoNasal is used in conjunction with the ABCTM protocol and can often have profound effects.

EndoNasal provides changes that most people notice immediately, such as deeper, easier breathing due to widened nasal passages, clearer and brighter eyes, and clearer thinking/no longer mentally cloudy. Before and after photos also demonstrate observable changes – more facial symmetry, wider nasal passages, clearer eyes, more even skin tone, etc.

People who suffer from headaches, jaw pain (TMJ), neck pain, chronic sinus or nasal congestion, and difficulty breathing often experience significant relief after treatment.

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