Heart Sound Recorder (HSR)

What is it?

The Heart Sound Recorder (HSR), is a wellness device that measures the vibrations of the heart to visualize the rate, rhythm, and tone of your heartbeat. It is a noninvasive device to help monitor your heart health.

How does it work?

The principle behind the HSR is that the heart is one of your most vital organs (they are all kind of vital…), and as such, it needs to be working at all times. What this means is that your heart will absorb the nutrients it needs first before the nutrients go to the rest of your body. Therefore, if nutrient depletion can be detected in the heart, you most likely have a systemic deficiency.

Certain deficiencies can be determined by interpreting the HSR’s visualization of your heartbeat. It looks very similar to an EKG. Once the deficiency (or deficiencies) has been identified, targeted nutritional therapy can often help to reverse negative changes and thus improve your overall health.

Do you have a testimonial?

Dr. Pulley was astounded when the HSR helped her office manager Steve. When Steve was evaluated using the HSR, his heart had low tone and a heart murmur. He said his heart murmur had been diagnosed as congenital and that his brother had it too. The HSR practitioner demonstrating the device recommended that he try taking Standard Process’ Cataplex B for the next month to see if his heart improved.

Steve explained that he had been taking B vitamins for years – even a good one from Whole Foods. The practitioner took a look at the product, but it turns out that it was a synthetic B complex – meaning it was most likely made from coal tar (which means it could actually CAUSE a B vitamin deficiency!).

Fast forward one month: Steve’s murmur was completely gone and his heart tone had improved significantly. He reported feeling less fatigue as well. Both him and the doctor were shocked at his improvement – turns out, his heart murmur was nutritional, not structural!

A year later, his brother underwent heart surgery to replace his leaky valve that was causing his heart murmur. Thankfully, he did well and feels much better, but Steve is grateful that he caught his murmur 10 years sooner than his brother, and hopes that it will help him avoid future surgery.

Want to take a look at your heart?

Dr. Pulley incorporates the HSR into her Functional Medicine evaluation, but also offers it as a standalone service.

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As with any wellness device, recommendations for lifestyle changes implied by using this technology should be undertaken only with the guidance of a licensed physician, therapist, or holistic healthcare practitioner. The findings from this device can be used to support, but should not be used in place of, sound medical therapies and recommendations.


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