Introducing: X3

Introducing: X3

Our mission is to help our patients improve their health. We focus on chiropractic, acupuncture, supplementation, and diet coaching. We can also advise on what is the best mattress, pillow, and even shoes to own, to maximize your health and minimize discomfort. What you may not know is that we can also help you with your exercise program!

Not many people know that our friendly office manager Steve is a certified personal trainer. He has decades of experience in helping people reach their fitness goals. Steve is always on the lookout for exercise programs that give the greatest “bang for the buck.” What can our clients do that will give the greatest result with the highest safety, shortest learning curve, and least time invested?

Resistance Training (RT): Lifting Heavy Things

The best way to get lean and strong, while also stabilizing your structure is to lift stuff. Resistance training builds muscle and core strength and improves bone density.

The problem with most RT is that it has a very steep learning curve for beginners AND it puts a lot of stress on the joints. Even at expert levels, some exercise can aggravate pre-existing injuries and instabilities. Some of you may have spoken to Steve about kettlebells; they are great but ultimately, it resulted in his neck and shoulder muscles getting so tight that it was causing neck pain and numbness and tingling down into both of his hands.

X3 To the Rescue!

About three months ago, Steve discovered the X3 system.

X3 uses resistance bands instead of iron weights. This means that the amount of resistance varies based on how far the band is stretched. As you get stronger, you can push/pull the bands farther, effectively increasing the weight. Once you are strong enough, you can move up to a band with more resistance.

If you use traditional weights, the only way to increase weight is to jump up a whole new weight level – which you may not be strong enough for, but you do not know until you try (and possibly get hurt).

Why is variable resistance training (VRT) better?

First let’s look at regular weight lifting.

If you were to perform a chest press, you would begin with the bar close to your chest. Your elbows would be behind your shoulder joints (the weakest and most unstable position for your shoulder). Then you push the weight from this compromised placement into your strongest position (75-80% of arm extension). So now you have a choice: use an amount of weight that is safe for your shoulder, which isn’t enough to give you the true benefit of the exercise OR risk your shoulders on a heavier weight that will give you resistance benefit but compromises joint safety.

How is VRT different?

Using heavy resistance bands for the same exercise. The load on your shoulder joint at the “bar-on-chest” position is zero. As you push the bar, the band stretches and gets harder to push, reaching its maximum resistance near full extension. Meaning that the “weight” is “heaviest” in your body’s strongest position and “lightest” in its weakest position. This allows the user to push heavier weight without compromising the shoulder joints’ safety.

Does it work?

In 8 weeks, Steve dropped from 20% body fat to 16.5%; 192lbs to 186lbs; and without injuring any joints. In fact, Steve has seen a large increase in overall strength while drastically reducing the shoulder and knee pain he has dealt with for years.

Variable resistance training is ideal for bone mass, muscular strength, improved retention of your chiropractic adjustments due to improved spinal stability, AND it doesn’t knock you out of alignment in the first place as much!

We have a demo model at the office if you’d like to try it. 😊

If you decide to buy it, and if you buy it from us, in addition to the online support you get from X3, Steve will also work with you personally to make sure that you get the most out of the system.

Call us at 978-237-5106 to set up an appointment to try out the X3! We sell all 3 flavors of Fortagen® at the office, as well as the X3 system.

Want even better results?!

To get the most out of the X3 system, it is best paired with dietary changes and protein supplementation. Check out those articles by clicking on the links!