Not All Detoxes Are Created Equal

Dr. Janine Pulley with Steve DiOrio

Over the past few months, have you been eating way too much BBQ? Drinking way too much Malbec? And, now, here you are: bloated and tired.

You’re probably in desperate need of a detox. Our bodies get bogged down by an accumulation of toxins. The modern western diet contains many substances that our bodies just aren’t built to break down. These toxins can build up in our digestive systems, especially the liver. Toxin buildup can present as fatigue, trouble sleeping, indigestion, low libido, food cravings and weight gain, joint discomfort, skin issues, stuffy heads, and reduced mental clarity. Luckily for us, there are healthy ways to detox our bodies.

Not all Detox Programs are created equal.

Many detox programs rely on dramatic fasting. A few years ago, juice fasts were all the rage. The 40-day water fast is currently in vogue. These fasts are impractical at best and dangerous at worst. Any effective detox needs to address three factors. First, you must stop eating foods that contain artificial ingredients. Second, you need to clear out stored toxins. Lastly, you must support the body with proper nutrition.

Juice fasts sound healthy, but fruit juice is essentially nothing but sugar water. They leave you with very little nutritional content while piling on one of the worst offenders – sugar (YES, natural fructose is still sugar). Water fasts simply starve you.

Ok, so juice fasts are just sugar water, so what if you do “healthy” shakes and keep the fiber? Adding fiber or psyllium to your sugar water shakes just irritates your digestive system with an excess of undigestible food. (Fiber is useful in the right proportion, but that is rarely the case in a diet shake.)

What you need is balance.

Our 21-Day Purification Program “helps your body purify and rebuild itself from the inside out.” It addresses all three parts necessary for an effective detox – you will eat clean (eliminating processed foods with artificial ingredients while eating nutrient dense real foods) and take supplements that promote healthy liver and bowel function. It is a naturally safe way to detox and you will feel better than you have in years.

This detox program is best way to kick-start your summer weight loss!

Additionally, this program helps maintain a healthy weight when combined with Primal Boston’s lifestyle tune-up. When you’ve completed the 21-Day Purification Program, you’ll be amazed at how good you feel. You’ll learn how to transition to a new, healthful way of eating that will continue your journey toward a cleaner, brighter, lighter lifestyle.

To get started with your 21-Day Purification Program, call 978-237-5106 today!

June 25, 2018