Now is the Time to Purify

By Dr. Janine Pulley

Do you experience indigestion? Bloating? Fatigue? Trouble sleeping? Food cravings? Stuffiness in your head? Trouble focusing? Joint discomfort? Then you may have an accumulation of toxins in your body that are contributing to these kinds of symptoms.

We are exposed to toxins on a daily basis – in the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we consume, and the environment we live in. These toxins include pesticides, chemicals (such as cigarette smoke, cleaning products, and preservatives in food and personal care products), and pollutants that we encounter inside and outside of our homes. Your body can also accumulate waste byproducts that you should be eliminating naturally because your body can only remove so many toxins at once. Think of it like changing the air filter in your car – as the filter is used, it accumulates dirt and grime that make it work less efficiently over time, so it must be periodically replaced with a new, clean filter.  

Purification, also known as detoxification, can help your body to remove these toxins to alleviate symptoms of toxicity. Following a purification process like the 21-day Standard Process Purification Program helps to stimulate the detoxification of organs in your body – liver, kidneys, and intestines – so that your body can more efficiently remove toxins, just like replacing the air filter in your car. As such, cleansing can be done once or twice a year as part of your regular maintenance for health and well-being.

Purifying can also help you maintain a healthy weight. Fat cells typically end up storing toxins that your body cannot clear out; however, these cells must also hold onto fat in order to dilute the toxins to minimize the harm to your body. This process is why it is important to purify your body if you are having trouble losing weight or want to maintain a healthy weight.

Detoxification happens naturally when you follow a healthy diet, such as Primal or Paleo. If not have not made the switch to healthier eating yet, following a purification diet is a great first step to transforming your health. As such, the Standard Process 21-Day Purification program is not a fad diet – it is not designed for you to do once just to lose weight. It is a plan to help your body “purify and rebuild itself from the inside out” – so that you can reclaim your health and take your first step forward on your path to wellness.

The 21-day purification program from Standard Process includes eating a clean diet of organic, whole, unprocessed foods and plenty of water, along with taking supplements made from whole foods and other ingredients to stimulate the detoxification organs in your body to remove toxins and promote elimination. When you purchase a Purification Kit, it will include all of the supplements you need along with a purification guide with everything you need to know inside along with a daily intake journal and healthy recipes. Standard Process also has an app you can download onto your smart phone to help keep you on track with a personal journal to log the food you eat, water intake, energy levels, physical and emotional feelings, and activities so you can see how much you discover while purifying.

Interested in purifying your body? Call the office today at 978-237-5106 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Pulley to discuss your goals for purifying, and she walk you through the program. If appropriate, she will recommend additional supplements and help tailor the program to your particular needs. Reclaim your health today!