Are you an athlete?


Dr. Pulley works with athletes of all types and ages. Her combination of full-body chiropractic and acupuncture enables her to tailor the treatments to exactly what each athlete needs. Typically a combination of chiropractic + acupuncture or chiropractic + cupping works the best because of their synergistic nature.

All human beings need chiropractic care because all humans have a musculoskeletal system that can go out of alignment with regular use and injuries. But athletes need more care than the average person.

Our bodies are basically organic cars. Our skeletons are like the framework, our joints are the tires, our food is the fuel, our nervous system is the electronics, etc. And like cars, when one or more of our systems are not functioning properly, it inhibits our performance.

Chiropractic care specifically targets our alignment. When you are driving along, you are going to hit a couple of potholes (all of us who drive know it’s inevitable). You may also ding another car or hit a curb wrong. These events can misalign the car’s alignment and tires, and if you continue to drive this way, you will wear out the tires unevenly and sooner than you should.

When you bring your car to the mechanic, she’ll take a look and advise you to replace your tires because of the wear and to fix your alignment. Imagine telling your mechanic, “no, don’t bother with the alignment, just replace the tires!” The mechanic would do her best to explain that you also need to prevent the tires from wearing out again. This is just like when people say, “no, don’t bother adjusting me, I’ll just get my knee replaced!” No one is saying you shouldn’t get the knee replaced, but without fixing your postural misalignments (through chiropractic), you’re just going to wear that joint out again because you never fixed the root cause of your problem.

Along this line: athletes are like F1 racing cars. Everything needs to be perfect or they could lose 1 second of time and thus lose the race. They understand how important tires and alignment are – so important that they actually replace tires and fix alignment DURING the race!

So athletes need more maintenance than a typical person because they are using their bodies in a different way. Dr. Pulley understands this need and how to fix their posture to optimize their performance and reduce the risk of injury.

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